If I were shipping silk scarves from Asia to the United States as an international retailer, I could not rely on only one transportation method. Intermodal system with sea, trail, and trucks is the transportation mode to use for getting the goods to my small hometown store. There are few reasons to explain why.

First of all, shipping by sea is less expensive than shipping by air, truck, or even rail when moving goods from the Asian continent to the North American Continent. It might take weeks or even months to deliver, however, I am not in a hurry to get the silk scarves as soon as possible. The goods are not perishable and they are in long-time fashion that the arrival time is not a serious issue. According to Freighter Expeditions, shipping from Asia to west coast of the United States needs 15 days or 20 days from Hong Kong to California or Seattle. Departure is scheduled monthly. Moreover, according to this company, they can even “arrange an Amtrak train pass for rail travel in America,” which is helpful for our follow-up deliveries.

Secondly, we would choose rail road to continuous shipment. It is convenient to ship from port to port, but it is not accessible to arrive at in land locations. Additionally, my store is not located in a major city. It is far away from the sea ports that needs on land transportation for further delivery. As mentioned above, an Amtrak train is usually used after the ships. I would not immediately hire trucks after sea transportation, because rail is less expensive than trucks.

Finally,  trucks are used in order to arrive at individual locations in land. Trucks are able to serve extensive areas. It is reachable to all locations, including my small hometown store. It is flexible to not only delivery location, but also delivery time. They are speedy that allow me to schedule the time of delivery. It is an efficient way to have everything scheduled so that I could plan ahead for new items in my local store. Even though bad weather, such as storms, snowy, and flood might delay the delivery time, I could always be informed immediately. Therefore, trucks are used in conjunction to the follow-up deliveries.

In a conclusion, transportation mode for delivering silk scarves from Asia to my hometown store in the United States is intermodal system by sea, rail, and truck, if I were the store owner.

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