Top retailers use internal and external sources to recruit managerial employees, similar to non-managerial trainees, but different in scope and intent.

Internal sources for managerial employees refer to the recruitment inside of a retailer. Methods include cultivating employees and leadership training and coaching. It means that the company finds and trains its current talented employees in order to secure the talent within. It saves time as well to explain from the fundamental thing to new talented trainees recruiting outside of the company. In the textbook, it also described a scenario to emphasize the importance of keeping connection with the good former executives. It is possible to have him/her come back years later.

There are many external sources to use to recruit motivated and talented management trainees, including referrals and networking, advertisements, executive search firms, college and university recruiting, job fairs, trade association web sites, unsolicited applicants, unpaid internships, and so on.

First of all, referrals are those who are referred from business insiders to take the managerial position. Because skills are transferable within the industry, referrals from customers, suppliers, and competitors can be potential manager for the company. Therefore, networking is useful in recruitment process. Secondly, advertisements on metropolitan and trade papers are effective resources to increase public awareness in order to find potential talented employees. Thirdly, professional executive search firm is also useful that their job is to find managers or executives as headhunters. Then college and university recruiting is similar as job fairs that they tend to hire prospective managers in big “conventions” with mass amount of people. Trade association Web sites have job postings on the Web site. Lastly, unsolicited applicants and unpaid internships are from people who take a step back and apply for the managerial position.

With all the methods mentioned above, I believe it is crucial for companies to attract talented managers or executives by promoting the company itself. I found the article “How to Attract Magnetic Leaders to Your Organization” helpful to better explain the ways company could do in order to hire the employees they want. It provided six methods used for increasing public awareness. They are showcase your organization, raise the level of leadership in your organization, spread the news, access your current leaders, review your compensation and benefit package, and be prepared to pay top dollar. I agree with everything that has been said above, especially the last one – be prepared to pay top dollar. It is true that if the company wants to hire a talented employee, the salary is proportional to its value. It is also important to attract the talented employee from competitors by higher benefit package.

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