E commerce is rapidly growing in the 21st century today and mobile commerce is becoming more and more popular. Mobile device is “the fastest growing wireless segment, with technology barely keeping up with demand for more options, services, and products.” Nowadays, people do not use mobile phones only to communicate with others by chatting, texting, or emailing, but also shopping on it. The ones who uses their mobile devices to make purchases online are called mobile shoppers or m-customers.

Demographically speaking, there are slightly more females than males are mobile shoppers, even though “women make the majority of household purchase decisions.” Men use mobile devices to make purchase as well with 44% of the total mobile shoppers by 2013. Mobile shoppers are usually in age groups of 25 to 34, 35 to 44, and lastly, 55 and above. Surprisingly, there is only a small amount of shopper in the group of age from 18 to 24 comparing to other groups. Additionally, Millennials are the strong power of mobile shoppers. “28% of Millennials in the United States indicated that they prefer shopping online using their mobile devices as opposed to computers.” They “make up 26% of the total population and it is no wonder that they are influencing the online shopping trends.” Mobile shoppers are more likely to have higher disposable income.

Speaking of psychographic characteristics, mobile shoppers are appeared to be “more in tune with social networking, and eagerly anticipates the expanding capabilities of his or her cell phone” according to the textbook. They spend a lot of time on socializing on their phone on the daily basis. They prefer searching on the mobile devices rather than computers, including finding out locations, playing games, and mobile shopping. They feel safe using mobile wallet. Also, they are more likely to be tech-drive and more willing to try new products. According to the survey from Scanlife, 24% of consumers “almost always” buy something new and almost 50% of them actually try a new product “sometimes.”