There are three kinds of psychogenic needs, which are affectional, ego-bolstering, and ego-defensive needs, that can help companies to identify consumers’ shopping behavior regarding to what they want.

Below is an example of an advertisement indicating the characteristics of the brand image only with its logo. Stüssy is a global streetwear brand, which has loyal customers all over the world and still keeps attracting more young people due to its not-so-expensive price range and stand-out street style fashion. The advertisement image I picked below is just a random selection among all other similar advertisement Stüssy promoted. From this image, it is clearly to see that the company tends to meet consumers’ ego-bolstering psychogenic needs by receiving attention from others to develop his/her self esteem or desire status because of its eye-catching design. Also, Stüssy wants to meet consumers’ affectional psychogenic needs to form nostalgic relationships between the product and consumers by presenting the vintage way of wearing the product and inspiring potential customers to love who they are and be confident in whatever they are wearing.


Stüssy FW2016 “When in Paris” Campaign (