This photograph presented that hue reflects differently in different lights. The colors of the three walls all naturally impact each other in a warm way. Additionally, I really like how the lady dressed in white. It even matches the background of my blog page, which emphasis the beauty and balance of this photograph.


I was totally amazed by this photograph that I saw on a website. I have been to zoos and took photos of the animals, but mine were nothing like this one. There are only three colors and just a touch of green leaves at the bottom. Several pink-feet cranes are scratching under the light that brought me attention all on them. Their shadows are really interesting to look at as well. These black shadows match the shadows of the leaves and balanced the whole image so that the light side would not be too light and the dark side would just be perfect enough to set off these animals.



I like all kinds of glasswares because of their transparency. They have the magic ability to fit in any different styles, colors, light, and locations of an environment. Glasswares have their own way to emphasis their shape of bodies, which also show how elegant they are. Additionally, they can reflect any objects that are in front of them.


By looking at this piece of art in MoMA, it is refreshing. There are so many different kinds of black, green, and white, but the artists just picked these three and they all worked perfectly well together. I assume it is accumulated experience and talented sense that make this painting success.


Knowing that the least color combined it better, but this painting just blowed me away. It’s like a rainbow on one painting and it is really beautiful seeing not only the variety of colors, but also the variety of shapes. Most importantly, the way it hangs on the wall looks really great. The background color also makes it stand out.