Villas: Superb Residential Styleby Sibylle Kramer

People say, “fashion is wearing under colors of three” and I believe book cover designs do follow the same trend. Showing simplicity of the cover is vital to attract customers buying it. Black, blue, and white are nearly the only three colors showed on the image.


娼年 by 石田 衣良

Personally, I love reading these books that do not show what they are written about from their book covers. This Japanese novel was written by one of my favorite writers – Ira Ishida (石田 衣良). I could even imagine his writing style through looking at his book covers. No fancy languages, but very addictive.


人生若只如初见 by 安意如

This is a book in Chinese language that I bought several years ago when I was in middle school. The book talks about the history and gossip behind few poems and articles along with author’s personal perspectives. The reason why I bought it was mainly because of the book title. The meaning of this book title is so beautiful and it perfectly matches the background of the book cover – rose pink lotus peacefully bloom at the bottom of the book cover. Simplicity and peace are what the book gives me at the first glance.